This website and idea is the brainchild of me, Charles Arnold ( personal website).

Hi there! I’m Charles, and I procrastinate.  In school, in work and in life, I have found a way to finish big projects very quickly in the last few hours before deadline.

After years of last minute work, I realized, I could pull off ANYTHING in just ten days.  About six years ago I bought the domain name with the hope that “one day” I’d build a website that could share the stories of people doing amazing things for themselves, their families or their communities that would inspire others to do the same.  The premise:

You’ve just been giving 10 days.  What will you do with them?

In mid September 2014, I started doing some social network mining for my10days.  During that search, I found a Twitter handle already using @my10days. Note this account is not mine.  Whoever did own that Twitter handle created a countdown to his/her suicide.

There was not a Day 1 post.  Whether the feed is real or fake, I was moved emotionally.

That night I made a plan to take action with my vision for and just get it done and finally on the world wide web. And just see what happens?

With the advances in social media and the new found trend to #hashtag everything, I saw an easy way for the WORLD to get in on sharing their #my10days story.  Use your own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to tell your story using the #my10days.

Dream big or small.  Create something amazing for you, your family, school, workplace, team, organization, workout facility, or your community and tell your story. Try to create something that helps other people.

I believe ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible. Do anything for 10 days straight and see what you can accomplish! Read a book, take yoga, pick up cigarette butts, dance, help a neighbor, on & on.  Do anything.

Look within, be creative and do it from your heart. Tell your story.

If you don’t know where to start, begin first by simplifying your approach to your daily life. Take your first ten days to #seeitsimply. Follow the steps outlined in The Guide by using the 5 simplest elements in our universe:

water • air • fire • earth • energy

There is more information about this approach on

Until we meet, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!



Special thanks to Michelle Griffin for always pushing me to complete this idea.